Barbie, Matty broke the squirting record! Fifty-plus straight squirts, epic watch.

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Barbie, Matty broke the squirting record! Fifty-plus straight squirts, epic watch. [16:30]

Hey there, fellow Barbie porn connoisseurs! It’s time to celebrate, because NNN is finally OVER! And what better way to do that than with a steamy, kinky sex scene featuring our favorite teen, Matty, breaking a world record with her squirting abilities!

Scene Setup

Matty, the 18-year-old blonde bombshell, is lounging on her pink and fluffy bed, clad in her signature Barbie pink bikini. Her long legs are spread open, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, glistening with excitement. She playfully twirls her long blonde hair around her finger, her bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

Suddenly, she hears a knock on her bedroom door. Without hesitation, she calls out, “It’s unlocked!” The door slowly creaks open, revealing her hunky, muscular lover. He’s dressed in all black, a sharp contrast to Matty’s pink attire. His chiseled jaw clenches as he takes in the sight of Matty, his gaze traveling down to her wet pussy.

The Action Begins

Without a word, he strides over to the bed, his cock already hard and ready. He pulls off his pants, revealing his thick, throbbing member. Matty’s eyes widen with lust as she takes in the sight of his cock. She can’t wait to feel it inside her.

He climbs onto the bed, positioning himself between Matty’s legs. He rubs the tip of his cock against her clit, causing her to moan with pleasure. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him closer. He thrusts himself inside her, filling her up completely. Matty’s pussy clenches around his cock, milking it for every drop.

As they fuck, Matty’s moans become louder and more frequent. She’s on the brink of orgasm, but she wants to make this moment last. She pulls him closer, their bodies pressed together as they move in unison. He thrusts deeper and harder, causing Matty to scream with pleasure.

And then, it happens. Matty’s orgasm hits her like a tidal wave, causing her to squirt all over the bed. She keeps squirting, again and again, until she’s lost count. Her lover continues to fuck her, drawing out her orgasm for as long as possible. Finally, he can’t hold back any longer. He pulls out, shooting his load all over Matty’s tits and stomach.

The Aftermath

As they lay there, panting and spent, Matty can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. She’s just broken a world record, after all. She smiles up at her lover, who returns her smile with a loving gaze. They cuddle close, basking in the afterglow of their steamy sex session. This is what being a Barbie porn fan is all about.

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