FaceTime with stepsister, don, ’t tell mom i showed you my slit

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💕 Curvy Stepsis on Facetime: Don’t Rat Me Out to Mom! 💕

Hey there, my horny little cam lover! I’ve got a kinky tale for you that will make your pecker throb and your mind race. Just imagine this… You’re sitting in your room, feeling lonely and bored when your phone suddenly lights up with a Facetime call. It’s your curvy, irresistible stepsister, and she’s looking sexier than ever. She’s wearing a tight tank top and short shorts that show off her voluptuous figure. Her long, wavy hair cascades down her shoulders, and her chubby lips are begging to be kissed.

You answer the call, and your stepsister greets you with a flirty smile. “Hey, big brother,” she says, twirling her hair around her finger. “I was thinking about you…”

Your heart skips a beat as she leans closer to the camera, giving you a sneak peek of her titties. You can feel your shaft getting hard as you take in her luscious body.

“I filly you,” she adds, biting her lower lip. “I’ve been thinking about our little secret…”

You know what she’s talking about. It’s the time you accidentally walked in on her while she was masturbating. Your eyes widened as you saw her curvy thighs spread open, her fingers vigorously rubbing her clit. You quickly apologized and left the room, but the image of her naked body and her moans of pleasure were burned into your memory.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” she confesses, her voice low and seductive. “I want to show you more, but we have to be careful. Don’t tell mom, okay?”

You nod eagerly, your penis twitching in your pants. Your stepsister chuckles and then starts to strip slowly, teasing you with every inch of her skin. She pulls down her tank top, revealing her perky, stout tits. Her nipples are hard and ready for your lips. She then wiggles out of her shorts, giving you a glimpse of her curvy buttocks and her bare poonani. She spreads her legs wide open, inviting you to watch her touch herself.

“I want you to see me,” she whispers, her fingers slowly tracing the outline of her pleasure hole lips. “I want you to watch me touch myself, just like last time…”

Your heart is racing, and your shlong is harder than steel. You can’t believe what’s happening, but you don’t want it to stop. You lean back in your chair, jerking your phallus as you watch your stepsister pleasure herself. Her moans and whimpers fill your ears, making you more and more turned on.

“Come closer, big brother,” she begs. “I want to see you…”

You hesitate for a moment but then move the camera closer to your shaft. Your stepsister gasps as she sees the size and girth of your phallus. “Oh, fuck,” she mutters, biting her lip. “I want that…”

You stroke your pole faster as you watch your stepsister pleasure herself. Her moans are getting louder and more intense. You can tell she’s close to cumming, and you’re not far behind. You grunt as you feel your balls tighten, and then your pecker explodes, spurting ropes of cum all over your rack and stomach.

Your stepsister lets out a loud moan as she cums too, her kitty contracting and pulsating with pleasure. She collapses back on her bed, her rack heaving as she catches her breath. “That was so hot,” she says, licking her lips. “We should do it again sometime…”

You nod, your mind still reeling from the intense sexual experience you just had with your stepsister. You hang up the phone, feeling satisfied and guilty at the same time. But you know you’ll do it again, as long as your stepsister keeps calling you…

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FaceTime with stepsister, don, ’t tell mom i showed you my slit [13:48]

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