Liaison with My Friend’s Partner

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Liaison with My Friend’s Partner [13:25]

Fucking My Best Friend’s Girlfriend: A Big Ass Fan’s Dream

Let me paint you a picture, my fellow big ass fanatics. You’re at a party, the music’s bumping, and you can’t help but sneak peeks at your best friend’s girl. You’ve always had a little thing for her, but you never thought you’d have a chance with her. But then, as if the gods of big ass have heard your prayers, she catches you looking and gives you a wink.

Your heart races as she saunters over to you, her thick, juicy ass bouncing with every step. You can’t help but reach out and give it a little squeeze as she grinds against you, letting you know that she’s all yours tonight. You’re in heaven as you bury your face in her plump cheeks, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

As you lead her to the bedroom, you can’t help but marvel at her curves. Her big ass is the stuff of your wildest dreams, and you can’t wait to worship it proper. You push her down on the bed and spread her legs wide, revealing her dripping wet pussy. But you’re not interested in that yet – you’re all about that big ass.

You dive in, licking and biting her cheeks as she moans and grinds against your face. You can’t get enough of her, and you’re quickly brought to the brink of orgasm just from the taste and feel of her sweet ass. But you’re not done yet – you want to take her to new heights of thrill.

You slide your cock inside her, feeling her walls clench around you as you thrust deep. But it’s not enough – you need more of that big ass. You reach around and grab a hold of her cheeks, pulling them apart as you fuck her deeper and harder. She’s moaning and begging for more, and you’re happy to oblige.

You pound her ass relentlessly, feeling the tension build in your balls as you get closer and closer to cumming. But you hold back, wanting to make this moment last as long as possible. And then, with one final thrust, you release, filling her with your hot load as she cries out in ecstasy.

As you lay there, panting and spent, you can’t help but feel grateful to your best friend for letting you have this moment with his girl. And you know that you’ll always be a big ass fan, through and through. So, my fellow connoisseurs of curvaceous babes, let this be a lesson to us all: never pass up a chance to worship a big, juicy ass.

Disclaimer: This post is for adults only, intended for mature audiences. Contains kinky language and sexual situations.