Starbucks jane gets fucked

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Oh My, That Starbucks Ho with the Phat azz!

Have you ever gone to Starbucks and found yourself completely distracted by the barista with the big, juicy azz? You know the one – the one who bends over to make your drink and you can’t help but stare? Yeah, that one. She’s the star of today’s fantasy.

Imagine her, bent over the counter, making your frappuccino. Her phat ass is right in front of you, and you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to squeeze it, to feel its weight in your hands. You imagine her fanny bouncing up and down as she rides you, her moans filling the coffee shop.

She turns around and catches you staring. But instead of being embarrassed, she gives you a sly smile. She knows exactly what you’re thinking. She’s been teasing you all along. She’s the type of bitches who loves the attention, who loves knowing that you’re thinking about sexing her phat ass.

She comes over to your table and leans down, giving you a closer look at her assets. Her bottom is even bigger up close, and you can’t help but reach out and touch it. She lets out a moan as you squeeze it, and you know she’s wet for you.

She pulls you up and leads you to the back room. The excitement is too much to handle. You push her against the wall and lift her skirt, revealing her thong. You pull it aside and slide your weenie into her wet twat. She gasps as you fill her up, and you start to fuck her hard and fast.

But what you really want is that big buttocks. You pull out and bend her over the counter. Her booty is perfection – round, firm, and just the right size for your hands. You spank it, leaving red marks on her cheeks. She moans and wiggles her rump, begging for more.

You slide your meat into her bottom, and she cries out in pleasure. You fuck her hard, grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto your dick. She’s moaning and begging for more, and you can feel her buttocks tightening around your shaft.

You fuck her until you can’t hold back any longer. You pull out and cum all over her bigass, covering it in your sticky load. She looks back at you with a satisfied smile, knowing that she’s fulfilled your fantasy.

And as you leave the coffee shop, you can’t help but think about that big azz, wondering when you’ll get to fuck it again.

Starbucks whores gets fucked [2:22]

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