Teenage babe craves pre-yoga intimacy!

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Teenage babe craves pre-yoga intimacy! [20:14]

Hey there, you gorgeous hot babe! I couldn’t help but notice the way your tight yoga pants hug your curves, and how your sports bra barely contains your perky tits. It’s making me so fucking hard, I can barely contain myself.

You’re looking at me with those seductive eyes, and I know exactly what you’re thinking. You want to ride my cock before your yoga session, don’t you? Well, who am I to deny a hot babe like you?

Let’s Get Down and Dirty

I pull you in close, our bodies pressed together as I feel your hard nipples against my chest. My hands roam down your back, tracing every inch of your smooth skin. You moan softly as I squeeze your ass, pulling you closer to me.

I can feel your wetness through your pants as I grind my cock against your hips. You’re so fucking hot, it’s taking everything in me not to rip your clothes off and take you right here.

But I know you want it slow and sensual, so I take my time, teasing you with my tongue as I explore every inch of your body. You taste like heaven, and I can’t get enough.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore. I rip your pants off, revealing your bare pussy, glistening with wetness. I slide my fingers inside you, feeling your walls clench around me. You’re so fucking tight, it’s driving me wild.

I slide my cock inside you, feeling you stretch around me. You gasp as I fill you up, your pussy clenching around me as I start to thrust.

It’s not long before we’re both moaning, our bodies moving in perfect sync. I can feel your orgasm building, your pussy tightening around me as I piston in and out of you.

You scream my name as you come, your pussy milking my cock as I explode inside you. We collapse in a heap, our bodies spent and satisfied.

Well, hot babe, I hope that was a good warm-up for your yoga session. Now get going, before you’re late!

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