Two people engage in simultaneous intercourse.

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Object of My Perverse Desire: A Sordid Tale of Double Penetration, DP, and Filthy Delights

Ain’t it a beautiful sight, y’all? Two huge cocks plunging into a slutty little hole, the savory aroma of sex filling the room, the sweat dripping off our three-way embrace like a goddamn waterfall. Mature minds only, ya hear? This ain’t no place for the weak-hearted or the goddamn prudes. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First things first, I’ve got this horny itch that only a DP scene can scratch. And no, I don’t mean Double Parking, you damn fools! I’m talking about good ol’ Double Penetration, where one lucky slut takes two cocks up her meals – the backend and the front end. How about that for a twist in the ol’ bed sheets? But I don’t stop there, oh no, I-

Ass fuck is another perverse craving of mine. Data shows I’m not alone in this icky fetish; ain’t that a comforting thought? So, there’s this one scene, and let me tell ya, the way that curvy harlot took it up the ass with a dildo in her mouth, those adult toys twirling in her paws….

visualizing the scene, I start to masturbate

And speaking of toys, I got this spankin’ new DP machine that’s gonna make my eyes pop out like a lovesick Emo kid. It’s got two dildos on a single shaft, and man, it’s as rough as a sandpaper-covered badger. Every time I ride that bad boy, I wake up the neighbors, I swear. Makes me feel like a true sleazebag, and really, what’s sex without a little roughness to it?

But sometimes, I don’t even need another person in the room to get off. Just the sight of my own dirty hands, holding a well-lubed dildo, tapping that round butt of mine until I climax. Am I proud of that? Hell no, but this is my goddamn kink, and I’ll screw it up if I want to.

And for those times when I ain’t got nobody to play with, I log on to Chaturbate. Ya know, that filthy little site where I pay to watch real sluts do their dirty deeds. I’ll watch HD DP videos late into the night, see those wet and willing women letting two cocks do their thing. Man, that gets me going something fierce.

So, what do I have to show for it? A broken heart? A guilty conscience? Hell no! Just a shit-load of memories and a fundamental need for DEPRAVITY. But hey, that’s the life of a adventures addict for ya,Inked friends.

Now, there’s just one more pleasure little detail – tattoos. Damn right, Inked! Tats are mature, and they prove that I’ve been around the sexual block a few times. So here’s to ol’ Miss Tramp Stamp on my lower back, reminding me that every time my cock sees action, there’s gonna be a little something extra to remember. Cheers to that!