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The pleasure lasted seconds, though it seemed like an eternity for this horny webcam teen. When it was over, she collapsed against the pillows, panting with exhaustion. A few minutes later, the cute webcam teen hardened again, eager for more. She rolled her dildo out of her teen pussy, peering down at the sticky mess that covered it. She licked the dildo clean, loving the taste of her pussy. Then, with no shame, she fucked herself with it once more, knowing that her deepest pleasure was just beginning. She could feel the dildo digging into her, its hardness pressing against her sensitive spots. Webcam teen moved it in and out with renewed energy, stopping again as she felt her orgasm approach. This time, the orgasm came even faster, shocking her with its intensity.

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She let out a loud “oh fuck” as she orgasmed, her body flushed and covered in sweat. She moaned in pleasure as the dildo hit her g-spot, slamming in and out of her with long, fast strokes. With each thrust, she grunted, her breath skipping as her lungs filled with air. Finally, she could take no more, her body weakening from the intense sensation.

She collapsed onto the bed, breathless and exhausted. She stared up at the ceiling, unable to believe that she had just experienced one of her most intense orgasms due to a dildo. But as she looked at it, she knew that this was not the end. The webcam teen would return time and again to this delicious satisfaction. Dildo sex was truly the gateway to the most thrilling, erotic experiences.


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