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Blood-Stained Cherry Blossoms

The air was thick with the scent of incense and lust because the petite Asian petite girl, Sakura, ready herself for the night time’s indulgence. Her delicate fingers traced the define of her menstrual cup, feeling the heat of her personal blood inside. The considered being full of each blood and shaft aroused her in a method she had by no means skilled earlier than. She knew that she was able to embrace the forbidden pleasure of being defiled whereas on her interval. The door to her bed room creaked open, revealing the towering determine of her lover, Kenta. His darkish eyes scanned the room, selecting the petite determine of Sakura, who sat ready on her mattress. A smirk performed on the nook of his lips as he approached her, stripping off his garments as he moved. “Are you aware what time it’s, my expensive?” he mentioned in a low, seductive tone. “It is time for me to intimately discover your ardour, like portray delicate cherry blossoms with my essence.” Sakura’s coronary heart raced as she nodded, opening her legs vast to supply herself to him. Kenta approached her, his shaft already rock-hard and dripping with precum. “Good woman,” he murmured, tracing his fingers alongside her lips. “You are going to take each inch of me, irrespective of how a lot it hurts.” With that, he thrust himself inside her, filling her to the brim along with his thick shaft. Sakura cried out in pleasure and ache as he started to pump out and in of her, his balls slapping towards her haunches as he reached deeper with every thrust. “That is proper, kitten,” Kenta growled, his voice rising extra animalistic as he approached his climax. “Take my shaft just like the filthy little slut you might be.” As they lay collectively in a sticky, sweaty heap, Sakura traced her fingers over her menstrual cup, grinning as she felt the nice and cozy trickle of blood towards her pores and skin. She softly expressed her gratitude to Kenta for portray the cherry blossoms, planting a delicate kiss on his chest. “I’m all the time right here for you, my expensive,” he responded, drawing her nearer. “I’m all the time right here.”
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