I slept with my friend’s partner, midnight, adjacent room.

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I slept with my friend’s partner, midnight, adjacent room. [7:24]

Hey there, folks! I just gotta tell ya ’bout this wild night I had. I mean, it was so freakin’ kinky, it’s gonna make your head spin!

I fucked my friend’s girlfriend in the middle of the night

So there I was, crashin’ at my buddy’s place for the night, when I hear some soft moans comin’ from his room. I tiptoe over to take a peek, and what do I see? His girl, spread out on the bed, lookin’ like a goddamn dream. I couldn’t help myself, folks. I just had to have a taste of that sweet, forbidden fruit.

I snuck in, quiet as a mouse, and before she knew it, I was all over her. Her body was so soft, so warm, and her moans… oh man, her moans were like music to my ears. I gave her the ride of her life, and she loved every second of it. But the best part? My buddy was just a few feet away, none the wiser.

It was risky, it was naughty, and it was downright filthy. But that’s what made it so damn hot. I’m tellin’ ya, folks, if you haven’t tried somethin’ like this before, you’re missin’ out. It’s a thrill like no other.

So, there you have it. A little tale of debauchery and mischief, just for you mature audience members. Remember, this is for adults only, so don’t go sharin’ it with the kiddos, alright?