JOI: my roommate gives me cum in my mouth

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Oh, my gushing gals, I’ve got a story for you today that will leave your juices flowing and your hearts racing! Let me set the scene: my roommate, a hunky, muscular man, and I have been living together for a few months now. We’ve always had a playful rapport, often exchanging flirty remarks and teasing each other.

The Build-Up

One night, as we were both lounging on the couch, watching our favorite show on TV, he started to get a little frisky. I could feel his gaze lingering on me, and his touches becoming bolder. My heart was pounding in my chest, as I felt a surge of excitement and desire coursing through my veins. I knew what was coming next, and I was ready for it.

The Moment of Truth

As the show ended, my roommate turned to me, his eyes filled with lust and longing. He leaned in close, his breath hot on my neck as he whispered, “I want to give you something special, bbw.” My heart fluttered in my chest as I felt his hand slowly making its way up my thigh. I opened my mouth, inviting him in, and he didn’t hesitate. He slid his fingers inside my warm, wet mouth, and I could taste the saltiness of his skin and the musky scent of his arousal. I moaned, my hips bucking as I felt his fingers exploring every inch of my mouth. He pulled his fingers out, and I could see the cum glistening on them, catching the light of the room. He looked down at me, his eyes filled with desire, and said, “I want you to swallow every last drop, bbw. I want you to take my load and make it your own.”

The Aftermath

I did as he said, taking his cum into my mouth and savoring the taste. I could feel my body trembling with pleasure, my pussy wet and swollen, as I swallowed every last drop. He watched me, his eyes filled with admiration and lust, as I finished. I looked up at him, my lips still slick with his cum, and said, “Thank you, bbw. That was amazing.” He smiled, his eyes shining with happiness and gratitude, and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, bbw. I can’t wait to do it again.” And with that, we settled back into the couch, our bodies entwined, as we watched the next episode of our favorite show, our hearts filled with happiness and contentment.

So, my lovely bbw lovers, the next time you’re feeling frisky, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Whether it’s a hot, steamy JOI session, or a simple request for your roommate to give you a taste of his load, remember that it’s okay to indulge in your fantasies and desires. And who knows, you might just discover a new passion or fetish that you never knew you had!

JOI: my roommate gives me cum in my mouth [8:51]

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