Mom, pov: I’m late for soccer practice, thanks to Cory Chase. 4k.

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Mom, pov: I’m late for soccer practice, thanks to Cory Chase. 4k. [10:20]. Stadding: Cory Chase, Luke Cooper

Alright, my fellow mom pov enthusiasts, gather ’round for a tale that’ll get your blood pumping and your heart racing! I’m talking about the scorching hot Cory Chase, the ultimate mom pov queen, who’s about to make you late for soccer practice… or anything else you had planned for the day!

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Imagine this: you’re a young buck, fresh out of the shower, and you’re getting ready for soccer practice. You hear footsteps approaching your room, and your heart skips a beat as you realize it’s your step-mom, Cory Chase. She’s wearing a tight-fitting top that accentuates her ample bosom, and her short skirt leaves little to the imagination. You can’t help but stare as she leans over to give you a kiss on the cheek, her mom pov giving you a glimpse of heaven.

As she walks away, you can’t help but feel a stirring in your loins. You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t resist the allure of your step-mom’s mom pov. You follow her into the kitchen, where she’s making herself a cup of coffee. She turns around, and her eyes lock with yours. You can see the desire in her gaze, and you know she feels the same way.

Before you know it, you’re in her arms, your bodies pressed together as you explore each other’s mouths. Her hands are all over you, and you can feel her breasts pressing against your chest. You’re in heaven, and you never want to leave.

But alas, reality comes crashing down as you hear the clock ticking. You’re late for soccer practice, and you know your coach is going to have your hide. But you can’t bring yourself to care. All that matters is the moment you’re sharing with Cory, the ultimate mom pov goddess.

So, my friends, if you’re looking for a little excitement in your life, why not give Cory Chase and her mom pov a try? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Note: This post is for adults only. Explicit language and mature themes are included.